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Local, International, Large and Specialty, and WE PACK and SHIP WINE!

photo-shipping At Coastal Postal, we offer international services for your packages and letters, no matter what size. Using trusted carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, you can rest assured that your gift or card is going to reach your friend or loved one soon. Additionally, we provide all the packing supplies and we offer professional packing that you need to safely transport your gift. All our vendors offer expedited shipping. banner-ship-services In addition to sending your packages and letters safely and promptly, Coastal Postal of San Clemente offers many additional conveniences and services. We provide mailbox rentals, faxing and copying service, drop-off service, as well as passport photos. At Costal Postal your identity is kept confidential. You can send and retrieve your mail in peace.
“Major” Coastal Postal Security
We are child and pet friendly. The kids can play while you take care of your business. Come in and meet Major! Visit us in San Clemente, California, for fast and friendly postal and shipping services that provide safe transport and mailing for all your packages and letters. Location and Directions.