Coastal Postal San Clemente Surfer

Check out our Selfie Wall

Coastal Postal is your photo opp center.  We can do your Passport photos and we even have our own Selfie Wall. Come in and Check In! Here’s more about Passport photos. #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber

Easter Sunday

Wishing all our Coastal Postal friends a Happy Easter! #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber

Tax Time

Regular tax returns can be postmarked as late as April 18th this year.  Find this and more important dates HERE. Contact us to be sure when our USPS pick-up is to be sure your mail will be in the postman’s hands. Please contact us if you’d like further details (949) 498-8782. #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber    

April Fool’s Day

Coastal Postal is open regular hours on Saturday, April 1st.  You can come in and pull lots of pranks but, watch out, we can too!  Hope to see you for some fun. #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber

Mail with us!

Coastal Postal offers personal service for busy people. Need a place to receive your mail and packages? Check out all our services! Contact us directly for details at (949) 498-8782. A physical address for you Full-service packing a shipping store “Package Notify” when your parcel is received You can track your shipments right from our website Discount for U.S. military…

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Happy St. Patty’s

Wishing you love and luck this St. Patrick’s Day! #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber

Daylight Savings Time

Spring has sprung!  Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday at 2:00 a.m.  Unless you want to get up in the middle of the night, you may want to change your clocks 1 hour ahead on Saturday night. Call us (949) 498-8782 #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber

Open Presidents Day 2017

Coastal Postal will be open Monday, February 20th, 2017 celebrating Presidents Day!

Happy Valentine’s

Everyone loves chocolates & wine ~ Happy Valentine’s Day! #coastalpostalsc @coastalpostalsc #sanclementechamber

One stop postal shop & ship

Coastal Postal is your one stop shop.  We pack it AND ship it. You can Fax and Copy with our new state-of-the-art copier/scanner.  Find all your shipping supplies here for your DIY project or we’ll do it professionally for you.  We also ship wine!  Peruse our website for all of our SERVICES. Come check in and take a photo at our Coastal…

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